Retail projects have their own specific requirements and distinctions compared to other sectors.  Fast track ‘roll-out’ projects, tight programme constraints and accurate, timely cost advice are all terms that our teams understand in connection with retail schemes. 

We also understand the importance of having an in-depth knowledge of retail clients’ design standards and operational requirements.

As the number of new ‘green field’ sites diminishes, Retail clients are now concentrating on developing and refurbishing existing floor space. As such we are aware that disruption in operational stores must be kept to a minimum so as not to affect valuable trading time.

Consideration of ‘out of hours’ working, minimising disturbance and phasing of programmes are among the issues that our teams will take into account when undertaking retail schemes.  Our teams are particularly familiar with the impact of MEP services and subsequent maintenance issues on refurbishment projects.



Evaluation has been involved in projects throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe encompassing new build, refurbishment, extension and regeneration schemes across a wide range of sectors.

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